Summer 2014 Catalysts

Meet the Social Entrepreneurs of the Cohort 1 (June ’14)!

Jolkona hosted five social entrepreneurs from different parts of Indonesia for the Jolkona Catalyst pilot program in Seattle from June 9th to June 20th, 2014 in collaboration with the US Embassy in Jakarta. Besides enjoying the gorgeous Seattle summer, Cohort 1 worked on their business plans, gained valuable insights, and met prospective investors.


Nadine Zamira HeadshotNadine Zamira

LeafPlus is communications agency with sustainability at the heart of their work. LeafPlus believes that good communications is about inspiring perceptions, emotions and actions that benefit people and the planet too. LeafPlus works with government agencies, businesses, NGOs, schools and communities to identify their sustainability objectives and translate complex concepts into creative, engaging and easily shared stories. LeafPlus goes beyond advising to deliver implementation and impact.

Watch Nadine’s pitch at Showcase event.



Dino Firtriza HeadshotDino Fitriza

Dino’s projects have a common theme around climate change. They serve to encourage people to modify their behaviors toward the environment. Vertesac is a smart shopping bag system designed to track consumer use of reusable bags and offer discounts to users. By giving economic incentives to Vertesac bag users, the project aims to reduce the excessive use of plastic bags.

Watch Dino’s pitch at Showcase event.



Mirah Mahaswari HeadshotMirah Mahaswari

To promote literacy rate in Indonesia and instill passion for reading, Pack Your Spirit collects children’s used-books, host community events for packaging, and coordinates their transportation to remote schools in the villages of east Borneo. It is currently working on a project to assist Balikpapan’s Public Library with community development.

Watch Mirah’s pitch at Showcase event.




Hendriyadi Bahtiar HeadshotHendriyadi Bahtiar

The Healthy Shredded Fish not only produces an Indonesian national snack, but is a campaign for healthier lifestyles, because the shredded fish does not contain MSG. In addition, the project employs fishermen’s wives in coastal areas in South Sulawesi, which helps increase income and to reduce poverty in the area.

Watch Hendriyadi’s pitch at Showcase event.




Nadya Saib HeadshotNadya Saib

While Wangsa Jelita produces non-toxic, natural personal care products to address environmental issues of waste, it empowers local farmers and artisans as well. The project provides fair trade and community development, especially to women in the rose farming community in West Java, and collaborates with local artisans to create environmentally-friendly packaging.

Watch Nadya’s pitch at Showcase event.