6 Ways Jolkona Supports the Environment

Earth Day is less than a week away, and an excellent time to reflect on what we can do to celebrate our planet and keep it healthy.

When we focus on sustainable agricultural practices or conservation, we can improve global health and help lift people out of extreme poverty. Of course, meaningful change starts with what we do from day to day to take better care of our planet.

Here are some things Jolkona is doing to help the environment. What will you be doing?

  1. Jolkona HQ is getting new recycling bins, thanks to Partner Coordinator, Ross Polk. Now we can be more responsible with our office waste. Perhaps a compost bin is in the future?
  2. Aparna Rae, our Development Manager, receives a CSA box (community supported agriculture) where she gets a variety of fresh produce directly from local farmers. Learn more about CSAs in her guest post tomorrow!
  3. Nicole, our Communications Manager, is taking a thermos everywhere she goes, so that she can avoid using disposable coffee cups.
  4. Give to educate farmers in Kenya in bio-intensive farming, so they can better feed their families, farm sustainably, and support bio-diversity.
  5. Give to conserve the rainforest in Tanzania, and reduce poverty by empowering local villages to maintain and protect the forest.
  6. Give to conserve Rainforests in Bangladesh through Lift Bangla, by restoring water supply to the indigenous community so they can continue to farm sustainably.

Whether you make small changes in your own life, like getting a CSA box and reducing waste like Aparna and Nicole, or you donate $10 to a nonprofit project that supports our environment, you will make a difference for our planet. With only a couple days until Earth Day, why not start now?

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