$300 goes a long way

As Adnan mentioned, we just delivered some relief goods to the cyclone victims in Bangladesh. With a mere $300 collected in 2 days, we were able to:

  • Give out 50 blankets
  • Distribute 200 packaged meals
  • Distribute 60 bottles of water
  • Distribute 160 loafs of bread to children under the age of 14
  • Provide 5000 water purifying tablets which can purify 7,500 litres of water

You impacted the lives of more than 75 families affected by the cyclones!

We tried to identify the most effective ways to distribute these items. For example, we gave some of the purifying tablets to tea shops in local piers for boats and ferries. These shops are the usual gathering places for hundreds of people waiting for boats and supplies. We gave the tablets to these shops to make sure the public had clean water in their tea – a common drink in this part of the world.

We also tried to focus on making sure that these items were distributed to areas which have not yet received any attention from the larger relief efforts. Bigger relief organizations are focusing on areas labeled as medium- and high- remote areas. We went to Rongdhonu (means “rainbow” in Bangla) village which is labeled as low- remote area. All 22 families in Rongdhonu completely lost their homes in the cyclone, even though they have not received any help yet.

We (in fact, YOU) were able to provide some help to every family in that village.


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