3 people gave 125 books!

From time to time, we go through our data to find some interesting nuggets. Last week, we came across an interesting piece of data. The Stock a Library in Rural China (partner: Machik) project was one of the 4 projects that we launched with back in October last year. Since then, Machik was able to raise enough money to buy 125 books for their library. These were not 10 page handbooks. We are talking about such well-known titles like The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Arabian Nights and useful books like a book of Tibetan proverbs and an English-Chinese dictionary. The interesting part is that these 125 books were made possible by 3 kind-hearted people who gave a total of $200.
In summary: 3 PEOPLE gave $200 which helped to buy 125 BOOKS.
It is amazing to see how small gifts can have such an impact half a world away. We hope more people will be motivated to give SMALL gifts through Jolkona Foundation and have HUGE impacts.



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