Light of Hope and Zero to Infinity, two Jolkona Catalyst Fall’15 organizations, signed an MOU last week to begin the ground work in which the two organizations can begin to work together.

Light of Hope is a tech-based nonprofit delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for rural schools in Bangladesh. They currently have four “digital schools” – low cost, solar run classrooms with laptops in rural parts of Bangladesh. Zero to Infinity publishes the only Bengali science magazine in Bangladesh with over 100K readers.

The groundwork for this partnership began during the two founders’ participation in our Fall’15 Jolkona Catalyst program. Abdullah al Mahmud of Zero to Infinity and Wali Bhuiyan of Light of Hope both represented Bangladesh in the fall program. Now that they have both returned to their home country, they have signed a partnership agreement. The main objective of their MOU is to make STEM education more interesting and fun among kids in Bangladesh.

The partnership includes the following highlights:

1. Light of Hope and Zero Infinity agree to publish children’s science books with examples of scientific experiments

2. Both of them have agreed to execute joint projects in schools to make science education more interesting

3. Exposure and sharing of each organization’s resources, events, and develop educational, scientific content

Because Zero to Infinity has the largest distribution system in Bangladesh for their science magazine and Light of Hope has an exclusive network of NGOs and schools, working together will help both organizations to serve their common goals: making science education popular and more interesting among future generations.

We’re excited to see the progress Light of Hope and Zero to Infinity continue to make with their new partnership!