Siyu works as an accounting intern at Jolkona. She works with our Executive Director to manage expense reporting related to the Jolkona Catalyst program. Siyu is a graduate student at Seattle University and is studying Professional Accounting. She has a great passion for accounting and hopes to pursue a career in the field upon graduation.

Siyu loves volunteering with nonprofits and other types of events. She used to be a volunteer at the Art Management Department at Shanghai Symphony Orchestra. Siyu also co-founded an on-campus convenient store when she was in her sophomore year of college. She is very interested in entrepreneurship and she is thrilled to join Jolkona and get to know all their brilliant social entrepreneurs.

Woochan Lee recently graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Accounting. He’s always had a keen interest in volunteering at a non-profit. He decided to join Jolkona prior to working full-time. He’s excited to be a part of the Jolkona team as an accounting intern and to help Jolkona with its mission of promoting social entrepreneurship around the globe!

Amir Foy is a recent college graduate and an active dreamer. Amir has been living out of his backpack for one year; traveling with a purpose to create his own social enterprise. Currently he is working on Project Kopi. Project Kopi buys and sells coffee from Indonesia and donates the profits back to the location where the coffee is sourced.

Amir also grew up in the mountains. If he’s not in the city, you can find him camping in the wilderness.

Kirsten Eldridge is currently a student at Seattle University, where she is pursuing a major in Spanish and a minor in Women and Gender studies. Her interests include, economics, public health, and international development. She is always trying to learn more about social entrepreneurship and the nonprofit sector, so she was thrilled to assist Jolkona with the Jolkona Catalyst accelerator for the Fall’15 Cohort.


Kymberly is firstly an innovator and entrepreneur.  She builds relationships, sees the big picture, and is passionate about results.  Kymberly holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Internet Marketing. She completed her undergraduate work at the University of Dayton and is a Music Therapist- Board Certified. She built and ran a Music Therapy company for five years in New Jersey.  Her background includes extensive work in relationship development, program development, and personal growth.  She is most proud of her ability to think outside of the box to solve problems, success at creating relationships and influencing without power, and ability to utilize resources effectively to enhance outcomes.

Christine Rmah was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. Christine has a Bachelor’s degree in Media and Communication. She is currently in school at Edmonds Community College for an Event Planning Certificate.

As an Event volunteer, Christine helped to implement our Summer 2015 Happy Hour at the Galvanize Tech Campus and Co-working Space. She also supported the Jolkona Catalyst staff during our Fall 2015 Jolkona Catalyst Welcome Dinner and during the Jolkona Catalyst Showcase event.

Ruomi is currently a Junior at the University of Washington majoring in International Studies. Upon graduation, Ruomi hopes she can impact communities both domestically and internationally. She loves communicating with people, spreading ideas, planning events, and sharing her passions with people around her. She believes the key to success in public affairs is personal charisma.

Ruomi supported the Jolkona Catalyst staff during the Fall’15 Jolkona Catalyst accelerator program by providing critical events and logistics support.