I am a 2010 Pacific Lutheran University graduate who since then has done a year of Americorps, traveled extensively, and most recently worked for three years as a care advocate at Lifelong, a local non-profit that provides services to individuals with HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses. I have begun making a transition from direct services to indirect services with non-profits and being an event intern for Jolkona Catalyst is part of that transition. I am also currently fundraising with Social Justice Fund Northwest and supporting the logistics/event planning of two other non-profit fundraisers. When I’m not event planning or fundraising, I am serving delicious food at Shaker + Spear, a new seafood and cocktail restaurant in downtown Seattle or out hiking in the Cascades.

We’re excited to be working with Bangladesh this year and thought it would be a great time to share some information about the country as we prepare to welcome them to our program.

A smaller country between India and Burma, Bangladesh formed as a newly independent nation in 1971. Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated nations in the world; with over 159 million people the country hosts a richly diverse population. Bangladesh combines a long changing history of the area with new traditions to create a unique blend of culture. Influences from Buddhism, Hinduism and mostly Islam shape the values, holidays and diversity of the country. In addition to festivals and holidays that celebrate religious occasions, there are national celebrations that boast participants from the whole country. These include Independence day, Victory day, and National Martyr’s day. Each of these holidays highlight the impact and everlasting importance of independence for the people of Bangladesh as well as the struggles that the people went through to gain their freedom.

2014 Independence day, setting world record for singing national anthem (

The largest industry in Bangladesh is currently agriculture. There is a large effort to increase industry in the country. Not only would it help the poverty rates in the nation it would create a wider variety of services and job options for the diverse population of Bangladesh. Already over the past few years there has been an increase in health and education. Despite these growth and improvement efforts many people, particularly in rural areas are still experiencing all the struggles of being part of a new and developing nation.

The candidates we have heard from are all trying to do their part to impact lives in Bangladesh with creative solutions. From creating businesses that are addressing basic education needs to those that are connecting people to employment opportunities, these entrepreneurs have the experience to create exactly what people of their country need in order to experience the greatest benefits.


Well it all started at the ripe old age of five when I declared my career path as an artist. Since then I went on to graduate as a super-duper senior from Western Washington University with a double major in Graphic Design and Creative Writing, and now I’m working in the greater Seattle area as freelance designer and interning with Jolkona (and working in retail to pay the bills, but that’s beside the point). I love designing for print, and that’s what I get to do at Jolkona! My goal is to work in the publishing industry so that I can bring together my two loves: design and books.

I graduated from Goucher College in May 2014 with a double major in Anthropology/Sociology and Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies. I participated in several clubs and activities including spending a couple semesters as president of the feminist club on campus. I currently work at Marbles the Brain Store as a “BrainCoach”. I started at Jolkona to get experience in nonprofit work and am excited to now be an executive assistant.

I am currently a student at the University of Washington-Seattle Campus and will be graduating in March, double majoring in Art and Math. Now I am working for Jolkona as graphic design intern and helping them with the design of media kits that include posters and program flyers.  I’ve also done work for some Seattle start-up companies designing their web and mobile interfaces using Photoshop and Illustrator.


I am a recent graduate of Seattle University where I majored in International Studies. I was interested in working with non-profits so I joined Jolkona as an Event Planner Intern. I am helping find host families for entrepreneurs that are coming from Bangladesh in April. I’m also helping line up sponsors for our showcase event on Tuesday May 5th – the most recent is Beecher’s Cheese! I can’t wait to meet our catalysts to learn more about their business plans!