Ellison Research, a marketing firm that specializes in non-profits, recently published results from a survey where it found that more than 62% of Americans believe that non-profit organizations are generally spending too much on overhead costs. The survey also shows that there is a big gap between what the public thinks is acceptable as overhead costs and what they think the non-profits actually spend. You can read more about the survey here.

This survey further validates the assumption that Jolkona Foundation is based on: that the public is frustrated by high overhead costs in non-profits. We founded Jolkona Foundation because we are dedicated to making sure that every project-specific donation by our donors go directly to the projects.

While Jolkona Foundation does have some small amounts of overhead costs, such as Paypal fees, website hosting, etc, we plan to cover those expenses from other sponsorships and grants. Additionally, all organizations that we will work with are committed to having low overhead costs so that donors know exactly how their money is being spent.

We have tried talking to PayPal about removing these fees to reduce our costs, but, they have not yet agreed to our requests. However, it is well known that PayPal doesn’t charge fees for so we are hoping that we can engage PayPal to give Jolkona a similar agreement as well. Nevertheless, in the meantime Jolkona Foundation is still committed to delivering on our promise of sending 100% of project-specific donations to the actual projects that will use the donations for a direct, tangible, impact that you can see!