An inspiring weekend in DC…

Although Jolkona Foundation is still patiently awaiting its 501(c)3 approval, we at Jolkona are not sitting around. Aside from our cyclone efforts, we are fundraising, building the website, and most importantly forging partnerships. We are excited and lucky to say that one of our partnerships is with an incredible non-profit called Machik that is doing AMAZING work in the rural villages of Tibet. This weekend I was fortunate enough to meet with the directors and supporters of Machik in Washington DC, at their first annual Donor/Partner Weekend retreat.

One of the many things Machik has done is to create the best primary school in a small Tibetan village called Chungba. Over the years, their school has outperformed the other schools in the area, and recently the local government decided that Machik’s primary school should be the model for all schools in the area. It was so inspiring to celebrate this huge milestone with Machik and its supporters and it really goes to show how ordinary people can truly accomplish extraordinary things with the help of just a few people who believe in making a difference.

What I really took back from this experience is that making an impact even in a small way can lead to huge changes for society, which Machik exemplifies through its one initial primary school that impacted only one village but that will now be scaled up to impact the entire region! This is exactly why we decided to start Jolkona Foundation, because we believe that making small meaningful changes that improve individual productivity, can eventually lead to HUGE changes in the world as they get scaled up. So without going into too much detail about my trip, we are VERY excited to be able to create something that will allow our users to do exactly that, make small impacts around the world that we hope will scale up in a way that will really change this world! We hope that you all believe that too and that you will help support us in our endeavors!

You can visit the Machik website to learn more about what they are doing. I definitely encourage you to do so, if you have time!


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