Welcome Jolkona’s new interns!

Please welcome new interns to Jolkona’s team!

Jolkona interns

If you’ve been following Jolkona on Facebook for the past few months, then you know that we’ve been recruiting hard for a new batch of interns. Well, I’m excited to introduce you to our first class of summer interns!

They come from near and far and are all ready to rock and roll here at Jolkona HQ. If you tweet or Facebook with us, then you’ll hear from a few of them starting this week. If you read this blog, well, then you’re in for a treat because there are some new voices and perspectives coming your way! Our other interns will have influence in a variety of projects we’re working on and launching over the next few months.

Please help me welcome our new class of interns to the team!

Almudena Rodriguez
Marketing Coordinator Intern

Originally from Spain, Almu is a firm believer in the need for marketing and communications for any business or nonprofit, to reach its full potential. After receiving an MBA in La Coruña, Spain with majors in business and finance, she moved to Dublin, Ireland in 2005 to continue improving her English. She lived there for five years and worked for Canada Life and Citigroup. However, her passion for marketing never stopped growing. While working full time at Citigroup, she took a degree in Marketing from the Marketing Institute of Ireland. She graduated in December 2010. In October 2010, she relocated to Seattle. In her free time she likes skiing, hiking, cycling and staying in touch with her friends spread all over the world!

Marian Yu
Office Manager Intern

Marian will be continuing her studies as a sophomore at Rice University in the fall. Though short at first glance, don’t let her size fool you! As a defensive lineman on her Powderpuff team, she’s a fun-filled ball of energy both on and off the field. She’s currently planning to double major in economics and psychology, but it’s still up in the air. She doesn’t really know what she wants to do but she has always believed in giving back to the community and she loves working with children. Having finally escaped the Houston heat and humidity for the summer, Marian is delighted to be spending her time interning with Jolkona. When not working, she likes to attempt baking, go on long walks with her dog, eat all things frozen, watch Bones, and drown her coffee with milk.

Ty Binschus
Graphic Design Intern

There are two things that Ty Binschus is passionate about. Experiencing as much as he can in the time he has, and being creative while doing it. Although he has an educational background in communications, marketing, and design, he desires a career path in Graphic Design more than anything. In his eyes there is nothing better then seeing an idea of his become something tangible. He hopes he can help Jolkona in creating some tangible print and web media in the near future.

Kelsey McLaughlin
Graphic Design Intern

Kelsey McLaughlin is currently working towards her B.A. in Design at the University of San Francisco. A traveler at heart, she aspires to one day serve in the Peace Corps and put her love of French to great use as well as her passion for making a difference in a community. In her free time in San Francisco she enjoys bike rides through Golden Gate Park and discovering new neighborhoods and coffee shops. Although San Francisco is her second home, she is always excited to return to the beautiful state of Washington with its many mountains and evergreen trees. She is extremely excited to be working with Jolkona and hopes to make an impact with her designs, inspiring people to become a part of this fantastic organization.

Allegra Abramo
Writing/Editing Intern

Allegra is a passionate traveler, cook and reader. She holds an M.P.A. and a certificate in editing from the University of Washington and has a background in social marketing for conservation programs. She is excited to be using her writing and editing skills to help build Jolkona and increase support for Jolkona’s amazing partners.

Jonathan Assink
Writing/Editing Intern

Born in California but raised in Edmonds, Washington, Jonathan is a writer, photographer, baseball nut, foodie and lover of obscure indie bands. In the years after his undergraduate studies in Political Science and Sociology, Jonathan had the opportunity to travel in Europe, Africa and Latin America. His encounters with the realities of life for billions of people living in poverty around the globe left him determined to make the world a better place and led him to return to graduate school in 2009. He just completed a MA in International Care and Community Development at Northwest University in Kirkland where he wrote a theology of justice for artists as his Master’s thesis. He loves to talk about the intersection of art, faith and social justice, and how art and story can be used to motivate people to help others. He also drinks way too much coffee.

Will Dornes
Social Media/PR Intern

My name is William Dornes, but I am better known by my friends as Diesel. I am a 22-year-old student at Washington State University, where I will graduate in December with a degree in Public Relations. I absolutely love it there–there is no place like Pullman and it is paradise to me. My passion is sports, especially basketball and the Los Angeles Lakers. I am super excited to be a part of Jolkona’s team and I have so much to learn about social media and public relations, and how they apply in the real world. I’m an easygoing guy who is looking forward to helping Jolkona achieve its goals.

Michelle Primley Benton
Social Media/PR Intern

Michelle Primley Benton is part of the PR and Social Media intern team, and is excited to help Jolkona expand its reach and engage new donors. Michelle graduated with a BA in Political Science/English Teaching from Washington State University (Go Cougs!) and a Master’s in Public Administration from the University of Washington, where she works as a Conduct and Compliance Specialist. Michelle has a strong interest in social media and its power to connect and engage, particularly for philanthropic purposes. Michelle’s love for life-long learning spurred her previous career in Admissions, her ongoing interest in higher education and access, and on a lighter note, her avid involvement in weekly pub trivia.


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