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After several months of testing our website with a small group of users on an invitation-only basis, Jolkona Foundation is excited to emerge from the Beta phase. Today marks the first step with the unveiling of our new logo and the launch of our Twitter account – @Jolkona.

Over the past few months we have spent a significant amount of time learning from our Beta users. One of the major feedbacks we received was that our original logo and the tagline – Every drop counts – gives the impression that we are a water-related non-profit organization. Along the same lines, few folks encouraged us to look for an alternative logo or tagline or both that would clearly and concisely connect with our work. We believe our new logo addresses these concerns.  Here are some of the reasonings behind the new logo:

  1. We did not want to change the original name of the organization. Jolkona is a unique name and it literally represents the impact we would like to have.
  2. The new tagline “Your choice. Your impact. Your world.” represents our model of allowing the donor to choose the projects she/he wants to help, to give small donations to the project, and then, to see their impact they have on the world.
  3. The logo icon has 5 colors representing the 5 categories of projects we support- Public Health, Education, Environment, Cultural Identity, and Empowerment.
  4. The icon also represents community. Jolkona Foundation is committed to 3 constituents – donors, partner organizations, and aid recipients. We help donors feel confident about how their gifts gets spent, we help our partners improve their efficiency and most importantly, we help get to those who need it (this is the critical piece) in the way they need it. While our site has a donor focus right now, our vision is to make sure we can eventually meet the needs of all 3 stakeholders.
Here is the new Jolkona logo:

New Jolkona logo

More than anything this new logo is a result of Jolkona Foundation’s evolution through the Beta process and the good fortune of having passionate users who constantly give us great feedback. The website is still featuring the old logo, but, expect that to change within next few days.
I am personally very excited about our Twitter presence. It opens up a great avenue for Jolkona Foundation to reach out to our target users and connect with them through a familiar media. Social media is a very useful tool for any small start-up, especially non-profits. We plan to use @Jolkona to not only give short updates on Jolkona Foundation, but also to share some industry and worldwide news/trends/events that are catching our attention. As always, we would love to hear how you think we should be using @Jolkona.
I must thank our beta users for the great support they have extended to us thus far. We could not have gotten here without your help! That’s all for today’s announcements. Let us know your thoughts on these updates!


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  2. Veena Vadgama / June 9, 2009

    Amazing logo. I love it.

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