Jolkona Works

Today’s charitable donors – among them your employees, customers and business partners – want an efficient way to make a difference, as well as tangible proof that their contributions are having real impact. Jolkona Works is a complete suite of services you can use to elevate employee civic engagement in your company.

By letting Jolkona Works power your corporate giving, you will:

  • Enhance your role as a leading corporate citizen
  • Expose your employees to innovative and engaging philanthropic activities
  • Connect to global giving opportunities through a simple turnkey platform
  • Fund organizations and projects that match your strategic interests and philanthropic goals
  • Motivate your community, employees and clients to join in your philanthropic efforts
  • Receive 100% tax-deductible status on all donations
  • Achieve peace of mind in knowing that all projects are thoroughly screened and you are working with an experienced team

 Sample Jolkona Works projects include:

  • Modular training program to introduce new hires to different philanthropic activities
  • Integrated program connecting employees to different community projects
  • Matching campaign for donations to education projects
  • Team members coming together to raise funds for a new school in Kenya

Contact us to learn more about the corporate giving solutions available through Jolkona Works.