Jolkona Foundation will plant 700 trees

Jolkona’s Official launch Campaign in the world of social networking has come to an end. We had announced we would plant 1 tree for every fan on Facebook, follower on Twitter, and member of our LinkedIn group. We are happy to announce that we will be planting 700 trees on behalf of all of your support!

We decided to close the drive over the weekend and at that point we had:

  • Facebook: 286 fans
  • Twitter: 339 followers
  • LinkedIn: 39 members

Total: 664 members

We are letting our supporters decide where to plant these 700 trees. Please show your choice by filling out this quick poll:

We will close the poll at the end of Wednesday (tomorrow). We will plant the trees in the top three locations.

And just because the campaign is done, it doesn’t mean we are done spreading the word. Here are the 3 ways to reach out to our online community:

  1. Become a fan of Jolkona Foundation on Facebook
  2. Join our LinkedIn group
  3. Follow us on Twitter

Please continue to suggest us to your friends and family…and better yet…try out the site and give today!


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